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Job's Animals and Children (first Bible Note written)

Note that this Bible Note was written and sent out by email to a rather short list of potential subscribers in the year 1999 or 2000 I think. I say "potential", because there were no subscribers to my Bible Notes at the time. After this Bible Note was emailed, along with several others, I soon had several subscribers. Eventually, the list has been maintained at about 100 or more subscribers. While this is rather a small list, it could grow to be several thousand, if I had invested in some advertising. Perhaps some day I will do so....

Subject: Job's Animals and Children
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000


BIBLE NOTE: Job’s Animals and Children
  In the book of Job we find some interesting math in regard to Job's animals and children when comparing the numbers before and after Job's time of great trial.
  Let's start with Job 1:1-3. Here we find that Job had an
"inventory" of 7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 she asses, and -- his most prized possessions -- 7 sons and 3 daughters. In Job 1:13-19 we discover that all of his animals were either stolen or destroyed and that all his children died. It is important to note that Job's perfection of character was proven in part by the fact that he "continually" paid particular attention to the spiritual condition of his children (read Job 1:5).
  Now let's go to the concluding chapter of the book. Job 42:10 tells us that “the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.” “Twice” means two times, or 2 X __. In Job 42:12, 13, we see the results of God's math: 14,000 sheep (2 X 7000), 6000 camels (2 X 3000), 1000 yoke of oxen (2 X 500), 1000 she asses (2 X 500), and 7 sons and 3 daughters (2 X 7 and 2 X 3 ???) It might appear that God's math is a little different when it comes to counting children.
  However, with the care that Job showed for the spiritual welfare of his children, Job now had "twice" as many children. How so? Well, he had 7 sons in Heaven plus 7 sons on earth = 14 sons (2 X 7) and he had 3 daughters in Heaven plus 3 daughters on earth = 6 daughters (2 X 3).
  From this study, I believe we can try to answer the question of whether or not animals go to Heaven. You see many of us assume that animals do not have an immortal soul like we humans do. Here is some evidence that our assumption is correct, especially in the case of Job's sheep: Job's 7000 sheep were burned up by fire – they died. If they had souls and went to Heaven like Job's children did, then God would only have given him 7000 in order to double his "inventory". But, God gave him 14,000, because when the sheep died they were no more.
  Then again “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27) Those who try to put mankind and animals in the same category are not willing to accept the fact that God made man in His own image with a purpose of eternal existence. Also, whoever denies man’s immortality, is denying the eternal value of a human soul and of a human life. It is no wonder that people are devaluing people and wanting to destroy them including the unborn, unwanted children, the handicapped, the aged, various other “nonproductives”, and even themselves (by suicide).
Yours in Christ,

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