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Two Great Men of Prayer

Two Great Men of Prayer

Scripture: II Corinthians 12:7-10; Matthew 26:29-45
(click the links to read the passages)

No, I'm not talking about Praying Hyde, Jonathan Edwards, John Knox, or George Mueller, though they were all great men of prayer. I am talking about Jesus Christ the Son of God and Paul the apostle. Both of them had something in common besides the fact that they were always much in prayer, and that they were able to receive miraculous answers to prayer.

What I am thinking of is the fact that both of them asked the Father for a specific thing three times and did not receive that for which they asked. (By the way, they both set us an example of praying until they got an answer, even though the answer did not agree with their pure human desires.) You might say, "What? Paul maybe, but Jesus never!" Oh, yes, I’m absolutely serious.

Paul asked three times that God would take away his "thorn in the flesh"; and, Jesus asked three times that His Father would let “this cup” pass from Him: that awful bitter cup including betrayal, denial, unfair trials, undeserved beating, being spat upon, suffering the shameful death on the cross, and bearing the unimaginable weight of all the sins of the world.

Paul’s thorn was for the purpose of keeping him humble and thus was more useful and necessary to him than total freedom from the problem would have been. Jesus' cup was for the purpose of redeeming us from all iniquity and saving us from an eternal hell. If the Father had taken away His bitter cup of suffering, all of mankind would be hopelessly lost, for there was no other way to save us.

The will of God is far more important than anything you and I may want. We might think that our desires are good, legitimate, appropriate, right, fair, and maybe even unselfish; but we must, must, MUST, let God make the final decision. We may have totally pure motives for what we are asking of God. This is not always a guarantee that what we are asking is His perfect will for us, or that it would even be good for us.
Yours in Christ,

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