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How the Minister is Perceived

I have found it interesting that the very same person with the same experience, talents (or lack thereof), and relatively the same social development and demeanor, can be so differently perceived by different groups of people.

One might say, "How does this relate to the minstry, or to the minister?" Well, I am about to tell you what I experienced.

In one place, I found that the people thought I was not cut out for the ministry and not even called of God to be a minister. In fact, the people who were doing the most criticizing were the one's whose attitudes hindered my rather weak social skills. To them I was seemingly of little or no help... oh dear!

In another place, I found most of the people much less critical. I also found that they believed me to be rather outgoing and a good pastor to them. In fact, though the mission had to be closed for lack of funds, the people -- not even members -- were looking forward to "voting" for me to continue as their pastor. Imagine the heart-breaking occasion as I had to break the news to them that the mission was to be closed down and that my superior was after all NOT going to come and hear their desires concerning my continued ministry among them... (more on this perhaps under Stories from My Life)

Anyway, my point is that the preacher is often perceived to be one thing or another based much upon the attitudes and the expectations of the people to whom he attempts to minister. Their ideas, pre-conceptions, and attitudes can many times seemingly "make or break" the preacher regardless of what he may or may not do.

This is by no means an excuse for a failure in the responsibility of the minister! He is responsible before God and will answer to God for how well he uses his God-given abilities and opportunities however great or small they may seem to be in the eyes of the people. Yet, some people seem often to forget that they will also answer to God for how well they have helped or for how badly they may have hindered their minister.

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on the way to Heaven.
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