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When a Church-goer Actually Followed the Preacher's Advice

While attending a small church during my younger years*, I discovered an interesting thing. The more I prayed for the pastor the better he seemed to preach. Though whether it was God answering my prayers and helping the minister or God's using my prayers to help me personally I am not too sure. I strongly suspect it was actually both of these things at the same time.

More particularly, I remember distinctly that I was having trouble getting anything out of the pastor's sermons. He and/or his sermons seemed to be very "dry" -- good sleeping material. I then began to pray specifically that God would bless the pastor and help him in preaching the Word of God. Immediately, it seemed that the pastor had fresh and powerful messages to preach in nearly every church service.

Later in my life, I was the pastor and it was my sermons that were "dry". I had a church-goer who claimed that he got nothing out of the services. I gave a bit of advice while preaching and/or exhorting in a service soon after I had been "informed". I basically said that if the preacher doesn't seem to be preaching very well, pray for him and God will help him to do better.

Within a month, that same chruch-goer told me that he followed my advice and it worked! It makes me wish that congregations everywhere would take the same advice to heart and truly pray for their pastors and readily follow sound spiritual advice in general.

* I attended several small churches and had several different pastors during those earlier years.

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