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A Trip Down Memory Lane, with Something Missing...

A Trip Down Memory Lane, with Something Missing...

( *** It's a little long, but please go with me for a walk. I have something important to say and to share with you, my friends. *** )

I sometimes like to view recent aerial images of places where I used to live, where I had attended church or school, or even where I had worked. Yesterday evening, I used Google Maps to do this, even viewing many places from street-level view (which is really special).

I looked at two vacant lots of my former residences in Detroit, Michigan, where I had spent about twelve years of my life (from ages 5 through 17). I even made the virtual trip down three city blocks where I used to deliver the Detroit News (newspaper) as a teenager. I saw the empty lots of my Aunt's and Uncle's home and those of their neighbors.

I looked down upon the Bible Missionary Institute campus in Rock Island, Illinois, and looked back up the hill from the street below. I let my eyes and heart linger there as memories from four-and-one-half years there flooded into my mind.

I also could not help but search out the Bible Missionary Church in Muscatine, Iowa. I also sought out the Bible Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the one in Springfield, Missouri. These latter three were places where I had tried to be a good pastor and to faithfully proclaim the Word of God.

Melancholy and heartache, along with tender feelings and fond thoughts, filled my heart and mind during all this tour, but one thing caught my attention like no other. The Bible Missionary Church campgrounds near Sunfield, Michigan, was a sight for sore eyes and a call to days of spiritual adventures and triumphant praise! But, I could not help but note the absence of the two prayer chapels which once stood between the public road and the road on the grounds. Someone will certainly reassure me that there is now some other place designated as a place to pray, but I felt almost as though a part of me had gone missing with the passing of those prayer chapels.

Those who have never been much in prayer may have little appreciation for my thoughts and feelings regarding those prayer chapels; but, for those who know something about how special, wholesome, calming, encouraging, inspiring, holy, yea, even miraculous, such times of prayer can be, please hear my words. I would liken this time of reflection to the words of the following Scripture portion: "Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this." (Ecclesiastes 7:10)

I dare say that some of us DO know why it often seems the former days were better. Oft times, that reason is that "the prayer chapels" are missing, true prayer meetings missing from our churches, the altar is missing in our homes, and a true spirit of prayer is missing from our hearts. If prayer is the "breath of the Christian" as I truly believe it is, then we need a lot more spiritual breathing in our lives. If we want to truly know the one true God in a real way, true PRAYER is the way that is going to happen!

Please do NOT just like this post, but rather, live the reality of communion with God!

Old Warrior

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It is one of my favorite places on the Internet.
God bless you, everyone!
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