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putting me into the ministry.

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My Testimony: Given in Installments

I plan to give this in installments rather than to write it all at once before posting. Here is the first installment.

Part One - A Boy's Procrastination

At four or five years of age, I knew I was a sinner and that I needed salvation. How, one might ask, could someone so young be aware of such a thing? It was because I was exposed to the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I also had the privilege of attending Sunday School and having my Grandmother, Armilda Mae Overfield, as my very first Sunday School teacher.

I remember almost as though it were yesterday how at such a young age, my heart was convicted of sin. I was attending a Vacation Bible School near or in Wayne, Michigan (USA), in the Detroit metropolitan area. Brother and Sister Onan were the ministers at the head of this wonderful ministry to children.

The children had been gathered in for some type of story which emphasized the truths of the Gospel. At the end of the story, we were invited to kneel at the altar and give our hearts to Jesus. This was the first time I can recall hearing the voice of God in my heart, the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. The Lord Himself invited me to turn my life over to him and leave sin behind.

I am not embellishing the story in the slightest. I am not adding a theological framework and religious statements to make a point. No, I am telling exactly what I remember, the essence of what God said to my little boy's heart on that day.

Sadly, I decided to put it off for just one day. For a little boy, a day was an awfully long time in which to do as I pleased with my life. Then the next day, and the next, I continued to put the Lord off. Finally, I thought to myself, "Friday". But, friday came and went and I still had not yielded my heart to the Savior. Sort of as an afterthought, I contemplated Saturday, the day of the VBS picnic, as the day I would begin my new life in Christ, but no opportunity arose.

So began my habit of procrastinating and gambling away my spiritual opportunities.

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Sincerely Yours in Christ,
The Bible Note Writer
Bible Notes
written to glorify God
and to help souls
on the way to Heaven.
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