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Bible Note Quote: "Here I am, like Moses, but much less worthy, on the "backside of the dessert" as it were, and while peering across the apparently barren landscape of my life there is a burning bush that captures my attention and my heart. The fire of the bush corresponds with the fire in my heart and I cannot help but follow... The fire still burns!"
quote from The Fire of God's Word Still Burns! ~ ~ (see former quotes here: Bible Note Quote Archives)

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Purpose: To glorify God and to help souls on the way to Heaven

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He counted me faithful,
putting me into the ministry.

Registered: 01-2008
Location: Earth
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Introduction & Disclaimer, Topic Index (links)

To the best of my knowledge, anything I write here will simply be the truth of what happened. I may leave some things out which might not glorify God and which might be hurtful to His cause.

If anything I relate here seems to point to any usefulness or goodness on my part, please understand that God should receive all the glory and credit for any such thing. I am nothing without God, "but I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Currently, I plan to share stories about the following:

My Personal Salvation Testimony: Given in Installments

Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit in His Fullness

How the experience of Holiness works -- even under pressure

My Call to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ

A God-given Dream

When Revival Fails to Happen

The Onslaught of Darkness

A Severe Time of Testing -- "Yes, I DO LOVE GOD" -- the Accuser of the Brethren

Bible College Days: A Professor's Gift

Bible College Days: Joking Can Be Hurtful

Bible College Days: Bashful and Poor

Bible College Days: Worldliness on Campus

Bible College Days: The Glory Falls!

Bible College Days: Prayer Recipe Defunct

Bible College Days: The Tension and The Split

Bible College Days: "In Love", but Not in God's Will

Bible College Days: Marriage and the Call of God

Bible College Days: Sunday School Explosion

Bible College Days: Adult Teacher's Disappointment

Bible College Days: "Lovest Thou Me More than These?"

Bible College Days: Nowhere to Go -- Christmas Vacation

Bible College Days: Awakened to Pray the Prayer of Faith

Bible College Days: The Dead Service Revived (God Answers after Two Hours of Prayer)

Bible College Days: The Burden Turns False -- A Soul is Lost

Bible College Days: The Inglorious Small Mission Trips

Bible College Days: The Two-Dollar "Sacrificial" Offering

Bible College Days: The Warm Hamburger on a Hungry Night

Bible College Days: Staying True to My Convictions -- the Sunday Secular Work Issue

Camp Meeting Days: The Year I Learned to Pray Alone

Camp Meeting Days: Where Two Agreed Together in Prayer -- The Spirit of God Visited

Camp Meeting Days: Praying Through for a Service

Camp Meeting Days: Praying Through in Different Places

Camp Meeting Days: The Strange Night and The Spirit of Revival

Camp Meeting Days: Demonstration in the Spirit (Me Never!???)

A Hug from "Jimmy the Drunkard" (Washington, DC)

A Single Pastor: The "Dear Jane Letter"

A Single Pastor: "Pentecost" in a Small Church - Conviction on a Sinner

The Man Who Couldn't Take Anymore

The Two Sermons Preached on Hell

The Day of Con Artists - Two for the Price of One

Preaching in my Home Town (Detroit) - The Destruction of Sodom Sermon

Preaching on my Honeymoon - Three Wednesday Nights

The Impromptu Testimony Time

The Impromptu "Public Gang Relations Committee"

God Remembered Noah, and He Remembered Me Too!

How Prayer Transformed a Church

How Prayer was Defeated by Skeptical Church Members

When Some Have the Preacher "for Dinner"

When a Church Go-er Actually Followed the Preacher's Advice

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Sincerely Yours in Christ,
The Bible Note Writer
Bible Notes
written to glorify God
and to help souls
on the way to Heaven.
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