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Loving Jesus Christ (prose poetry)

A friend wrote that he wants to love Jesus with a love that is worthy of Him. This inspired me to write about the love of Jesus.

A little bit of "prose poetry", hot off the press.

Loving Jesus Christ

When I first learned how much Jesus loved me,
I was far from Him and lived like I hated Him.
When I finally let Him come into my heart,
He brought His own love and planted it there!

The love of Jesus grew in my heart day by day
Until, at last, I let Him have all of my heart.
The Holy Spirit then indwelt and filled every part
With the perfect love of God -- the same love that Jesus has.

Now, I love Jesus with ALL my heart! and yet...
The love I have for Him is but a return of His own.
Oh what a wondrous love is this!
A love so rich, so full, so free!

How can I ever express how much He has loved
And how much His love has done IN me!?
After the first million years in glory, I shall then only have begun
To tell, to share, to sing and proclaim how great is this love of Jesus Christ!

Old Warrior

Check out Bible Notes
It is one of my favorite places on the Internet.
God bless you, everyone!
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