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Sep 4, 2015 at 10:15pm

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May 1, 2009 at 2:30pm

I started a wiki page for Warhammer Quest. I am using a nifty single-page document called TiddlyWiki. Visit to get a copy and instructions on how to use it. In my opinion, it is a really handy tool for all sorts of things. I have begun to use it as a planner for organizing my thoughts to write a novel.

The Warhammer Quest wiki I am calling Warhammer-Quest-A-Pedia, because I intend to use it as a quick reference to help remind some players of rules, interpretations and etc... Also, I plan to use it as a place to share my commentary on various aspects of the game. For instance, I have two sections on game strategy so far: Combat Strategies and Healing Strategies.

It is a work in progress. Also, it is fairly easy to save a copy to your pc. Just use the Save As option from your browser menu.

Here is the Warhammer-Quest-A-Pedia location (hosted at my Old Warrior's Stronghold site): Warhammer-Quest-A-Pedia

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Animated Map Images

December 10, 2007 at 5:24am

An experimental feature in the newest Warhammer Quest game in my message board is the animated map image.

Here is an animation of the first turn of the game, Dungeonus Classicus: Initiation.


I want to express thanks to PaulusWHQ for creating the animated image(s) from my still images.

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My To Do List

December 9, 2007 at 8:18pm

Oh dear! Even playing requires a To Do List at times. :)

I am finding that I seem to be getting behind on some of the background and creative work that must be done to continue the Warhammer Quest games in my message board and to try to keep Old Warrior's Stronghold well-defended against the intrusion of such enemies as Stagnation, Atrophy, and Custom Warrior Malnourishment.

Here is a brief list that I have started in a hidden topic in my message board.


Things to do for WHQ. :)

Finish Higher levels of Monster Tables for Annihilation Game

Map for DL 6 in Annihilation Station #1

Ninja Skills and advanced rules....

Finish Jedai/Saedith Rules..... :)

another Feature in the Stronghold

More Blog entries... ?

(Well, that last one (blog) is done for now.) ;)

Oh, yes, players in my games and visitors at my Stronghold (website) and message board may feel free to make suggestions as to what they would like me to do as well. Whether I actually add them to my To Do List or not, I will most certainly consider such suggestions. To make suggestions related to Warhammer Quest (especially) please post a reply in Old Warrior's Message Board or send me an email or PM.

For off-topic suggestions and comments, please use the Off Topic Things topic in my message board. :)

To see all the games and other forums in my message board, click on this link:

WQ-WHQ Old Warrior

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Let the Games Go On!

December 8, 2007 at 6:39am

Thanks to the quick return of two fine Warhammer Quest players (Starfighter and Aecrylis), I now have more than enough to keep me busy again!

I guess I already had plenty to do, seeing that I have several solo games going... But, it just isn't the same. It seems I gain a certain amount of satisfaction from knowing that others, though few in number, are actually enjoying the games that I am able to orchestrate here.

Add to this fact that some have expressed much appreciation for my Warhammer Quest custom stuff website,


and I really feel like I am contributing to something special.

I mean where else in this world can one destroy evil monsters, save the lives of friends, rescue maidens in distress, find great treasures, write fairy tales using a sometimes-over-active imagination, and etc.... ? Well, there likely are other means to accomplish these things, but this one has a special place in my heart and mind. :)

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Warriors Missing in Action?

December 8, 2007 at 5:25am

Oh dear me! I have been given a bit of a reprieve from updating the games this week, since two of the most active players (Starfighter and Aecrylis) have been missing much of the time from the games.

This fact, plus the arrival of a Warhammer Quest gamer by the ID of Paulus WHQ, with whom I doubt I ever got to play (back in the days of Webquest), led me to dive into the creation of a brand new WQ game in my message board --- as if I didn't have enough of them already! ;)

This new game, currently entitled Dungeonus Classicus: Initiation, features the four original warrior types found in the Warhammer Quest game -- Barbarian, Elf, Wizard and Dwarf. This is an interesting combination, considering that most of the games I GM here have one or more custom warriors -- the majority I think having 2 to 4 custom warriors.

Anyway, I am hoping that our fellow gamers, who have been at least partly missing in action, will soon return to the "front lines" of monster-slaying action. I also hope even more so that nothing bad has hindered them from playing (good hindrances are okay).

EDIT: Now, I see Aecrylis visiting my message board. This is great news! (I hope). Perhaps, now the games will become more active again! :)

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